The VoiceXML Forum remembers Scott McGlashan, a pioneer for the VoiceXML standard.

On 12 February 2014 Scott McGlashan passed away at home in Dalgety Bay, Scotland. Scott was a brilliant industry leader, a friend and colleague.

Scott was co-chair of the W3C Voice Browser Working Group and the primary editor responsible for the base VoiceXML standard and contributor the related CCXML, SRGS and SCXML standards amongst others. Scott pioneered key developments in advanced user interface technologies, including speech, web, multimodal and mobile applications. He had a distinguished career providing leadership in the development of advanced technology standards in the communication platform and services sector.

His career took him around the world and he leaves behind friends including his coworkers at Voxeo and friends and colleagues in the VoiceXML community. Originally from Scotland, Scott moved to England, Germany, and Sweden throughout his career before finally coming home to Scotland where he lived on the Firth of Forth with views of the water and the Edinburgh skyline.

He will be terribly missed by the members of VoiceXML Forum and the industry at large.

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