An Important Announcement to Members Of The VoiceXML Forum

The VoiceXML Forum was created in 1999 with the mission to promote and to accelerate the worldwide adoption of VoiceXML-based applications. After 15 years as the premier trade organization for voice dialogue technology, The VoiceXML Forum is pleased to announce it has succeeded in establishing VoiceXML as the standard application language for voice dialogues, now widely adopted across the industry.

To celebrate this accomplishment, The VoiceXML Forum is extending to all of its current members in good standing a complimentary annual membership that will afford members the same member benefits and privileges with no fees. 

Having made VoiceXML a leading dialogue technology, The VoiceXML Forum will shift its efforts and will focus today on maintaining awareness of VoiceXML and its benefits to the industry. Details of the changes being implemented as a result of this shift are available in this Q&A.

Thank you for making The VoiceXML Forum a success!

Current Members

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