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Bankinter is the leading Internet bank and brokerage firm in Spain. Bankinter conducted extensive tests that showed widespread customer demand and enthusiastic support for a multimodal interface that would make the bank’s mobile applications, including stock trading and account management, more usable and user-friendly.

“Our customers wanted the flexibility to get financial information, and to transact business from their mobile phones, but do not like the current click-click and triple tapping interface,” said Jesus Marquina, Chief Information Officer at Bankinter. “We strongly believe that offering them the choice of voice-enabled search, and of entering information by speaking and seeing the results on the screen, will further increase the number of completed self-care transactions, and improve customer satisfaction.”

One of Bankinter’s requirements was that the platform on which the solution was built must be standards-compliant. The brokerage application has both a “visual” component built in Java, and a “voice” component built in VoiceXML. Kirusa’s Multi-Modal Solution for IP voice (KMS-IPV) was integrated with Loquendo’s VoxNauta VoiceXML platform to create a speech-enabled, standards-based multimodal offering. Using Loquendo and Kirusa technology, Bankinter’s application takes advantage of the full power of VoiceXML in building the multimodal interface

DIREN Manages Flood Crisis with VoiceXML Application

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After the spate of recurring flooding in several French regions, some local authorities have implemented information systems to aid their inhabitants. Direction Régionale de l’environnment, centre bassin bretagne

In order to inform and to reduce the risks for the riverside residents in areas that have experienced floods, the French Regional Direction of Environment of the Region Centre (DIREN) has deployed a telephone-based information system.  Since December 2004, citizens near the Loire river can call the system 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, to get detailed information about current flooding risks, the level of the river and outflow and low-water-mark information.

This voice-driven service was developed in VoiceXML by Eloquant and uses text-to-speech technology to deliver dynamically changing information: when DIREN updates the information, the information system’s audio prompt data is updated automatically in real time, which saves time and avoids complexity for the DIREN operator. The service is hosted by Eloquant, a European VoiceXML specialist, on its multi-client infrastructure.

This information service may be enhanced in the future with “push” functionality using voice outcall and/or SMS alerts, again using VoiceXML technology, to warn the citizens proactively of urgent flood risk.

“Choosing a hosted VoiceXML solution enabled DIREN to reduce the time to deploy such a service while keeping costs low and providing the riverside residents of the Loire Valley an efficient and easy-to-use information service,” said Damien Leretaille, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Eloquant.

Virgin Atlantic Improves Customer Connections with VoiceXML

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Virgin Atlantic is one of the top brands in the travel industry and is known as a leader and an innovator in all areas of its business. Virgin Atlantic wanted to replace its legacy touch-tone phone information system with a solution that could provide a more-flexible, more-intuitive caller experience and handle more than half a million customer calls each year.

Virgin Atlantic chose the VoiceXML-based Nuance Voice Platform™ from Nuance as the foundation of its new voice-driven flight information service. The VoiceXML platform allowed the system to be built on Virgin Atlantic’s choice of operating systems, telephony hardware and application servers. Because VoiceXML is based on open standards, Virgin Atlantic can easily migrate its voice-driven applications between hosted and customer-premise configurations, should it choose.

Virgin Atlantic’s successful VoiceXML-based deployment allowed the company to improve its customer experience, reduce costs and support its brand identity. In addition, the new flight information system is consistent with the company’s cutting-edge and customer-oriented reputation.

VoiceXML Extension, XHTML+Voice Benefits Miami Children’s Hospital Pediatric OR and CICU

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Like virtually every other hospital, the Miami Children’s Hospital relied on the “clipboard” patient tracking system that has been popular for over a century. The hospital recognized that capturing real-time patient data at the point of care is critical in saving lives, and sought to improve on the paper-and-clipboard approach. In addition, they wanted a secure system to ensure compliance with federal rules that govern the privacy of medical records.

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Many companies find that they have developed separate technology infrastructures to serve their Web customers and their phone callers. Typically, each channel has its own business logic, hardware, integration to back-end systems and support teams. In 2001, E*TRADE FINANCIAL decided to improve customer service by adding VoiceXML-based self-service to their telephone systems. The usual headaches and costs involved with infrastructure upgrades spurred them to seek innovative ways to integrate their customer support resources while remaining true to their open source roots.

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mobilkom austria Launches Next-Generation Wireless Services Powered by VoiceXML

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mobilkom austria, Austria’s leading mobile communications provider, commands a market share of approximately 42 percent of all Austrian mobile phone users. In addition, mobilkom austria also provides wireless services in Croatia, Slovenia, and Liechtenstein. With the support of VoiceGenie Technologies, mobilkom austria now uses a VoiceXML-platform to deliver next-generation interactive voice response (IVR) solutions to their subscribers.

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HP OpenCall VoiceXML-Based Media Platform Enables MobileOne to Consolidate and Enhance Voice Services

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Mobile communications provider MobileOne (“M1”) wanted to integrate multiple existing interactive voice response systems and to have the flexibility to rapidly add additional voice-driven services to its roster of offerings. HP consolidated M1’s voice-driven services on HP OpenCall Media Platform, a carrier-grade VoiceXML platform which supports the rapid development and secure deployment of next-generation messaging, group communications and enhanced voice-enabled interactive services. As a result, M1 customers have one-number access to all M1 services.

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