Loquendo Café 3.0

Loquendo Café is the place where VoiceXML developers design intuitive automated speech services using Loquendo’s best ASR and TTS technologies. With Loquendo technology, developers can create multi-lingual, automated voice applications using VoiceXML 2.0 (certified) and VoiceXML 2.1 standards. With Loquendo’s Grammar Tool users can validate the syntax of SRGS grammars, as well as generate semantic interpretation (SISR) results on text input and also by voice. Loquendo Café offers VoiceXML documentation and sample code, ordered by theme and level of difficulty, providing base-elements to quickly build and test your own voice applications.

Plum VoiceXML IVR Platform

For businesses that demand high-performance, versatile, and scalable Interactive Voice Response, Plum Voice offers a combination of our own VoiceXML technology and complete professional services. We deliver telephony automation solutions that enable companies to exceed their goals and streamline their processes.

BladeWareVXML Interpreter

BladeWareVXML Interpreter is the first product of a comprehensive open-source VoiceXML browser product offering from Commetrex Corporation. BladeWareVXML is an enhanced version of OpenVXi, the widely-used VoiceXML interpreter, and is an open-source VoiceXML interpreter that adheres to the W3C VoiceXML 2.1 dialog markup language specification, enabling developers to take advantage of Web technologies and tools when building voice applications. An interpreter, like BladeWareVXML, is the keystone component of any standards-compliant voice browser.

Loquendo TTS Director

Loquendo TTS Director , a complete development environment for creating and fine tuning voice prompts, and for saving customizations for future re-use. It gives developers complete control over their voice applications, so they can really enhance the user experience. Text or SSML 1.0 markup are written in the edit box and interactively refined through a listen & edit procedure, allowing fine adjustments for even better TTS performance. Loquendo TTS Director includes also: Loquendo TTS Voice Creator, a new tool for allowing the user to create his own voice variants from any Loquendo TTS voice by changing its timbre and speed, and then save the result for later use as a new voice with different personality; and Loquendo Lexicon Manager, a multi-platform tool for helping the user in the creation and testing of lexicon resources for Loquendo technologies.

Loquendo ASR Tuning Tools

Loquendo ASR Tuning Tools provides users with a suite of tuning tools that automatically analyze data collected in the field to improve service performance, including: Phonetic Learning, able to improve speech recognition grammars by automatically analyzing application data to identify frequently-used formulations that have not been covered, as well as additional pronunciation variants; Acoustic Model Adaptation, which uses audio material recorded in the field (environment, speaker, channel adaptation) to further enhance recognition performance where a voice application is used in a particular context.

Dialog Designer

Dialog Designer provides a standards-based (Eclipse, VoiceXML, Web Services) approach to application development of speech and touch-tone applications through a complete Integrated Development Environment (development, simulation, testing and deployment) of speech and touch-tone applications. It includes a java-based integration and presentation framework for deployment and runtime that supports integration of applications from a web-server and web-application server model. DD is free with the purchase of one of Avaya Platforms.

Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal

Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (CVP) is a powerful VoiceXML-based voice self-service platform that enables customers to efficiently retrieve the information they need from the contact center. Customers can use touchtone signals or voice to request information. Unified CVP can transfer information given by the customer directly to the agent along with the call itself.

Avaya Voice Portal

Avaya Voice Portal is a Web services-based software platform that enables organization to deliver efficient and satisfying voice self service applications by combining the point of open standards, web and IP telephony.

OKEFORD Media Platform


The OKEFORD Media Platform is a powerful next generation IVR for large enterprise and telecommunications carriers. Along with a strong partner ecosystem the highly flexible, scalable, open-standards Media Platform allows System Integrators to create innovative new VoiceXML services. The OKEFORD, along with our partner ecosystem provides: customer services environment and multiple language speech engines, language tuning and consultancy in addition to built-in platform features including: recording, playback, DTMF, speech recognition, text-to-speech; multiple languages; dynamic provisioning; multi-tenancy.

Telesoft’s telephony products are used in over 100 countries by more than than 250 large enterprises/operators. A carrier-grade IVR, the OKEFORD Media Platform may be controlled by VoiceXML and/or an Intelligent Network SCP allowing it to seamlessly integrate large corporate (IP) or telco networks (IP, PSTN, GSM, CDMA, 3G) and provides an easy upgrade path for legacy IVR systems with built-in next generation network future proofing.

Sibilo Contact Center

Sibilo Contact Center is a new-generation VoiceXML contact center platform that is multimedia-capable. Sibilo CC includes Sibilo Voice, a VoiceXML platform.