Loquendo TTS Director

Loquendo TTS Director , a complete development environment for creating and fine tuning voice prompts, and for saving customizations for future re-use. It gives developers complete control over their voice applications, so they can really enhance the user experience. Text or SSML 1.0 markup are written in the edit box and interactively refined through a listen & edit procedure, allowing fine adjustments for even better TTS performance. Loquendo TTS Director includes also: Loquendo TTS Voice Creator, a new tool for allowing the user to create his own voice variants from any Loquendo TTS voice by changing its timbre and speed, and then save the result for later use as a new voice with different personality; and Loquendo Lexicon Manager, a multi-platform tool for helping the user in the creation and testing of lexicon resources for Loquendo technologies.